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Celebrating Microswiss 10th Anniversary and a Rebrand

Celebrating Microswiss 10th Anniversary and a Rebrand

This year marks a significant milestone for Microswiss, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, we've grown from a small team of three brothers with a vision for advanced manufacturing, to a successful 3D printing  performance company with a global presence.

Our Beginning

Microswiss was founded in 2014 by three brothers, Alex, Vitaly, and Nick, in our parents' garage with the first Swiss-style screw machine, a "1998 Numura NN13SB." Initially, we were a small machine shop specializing in micromachining tiny parts for the medical industry. This specialty inspired our name, reflecting our focus on machining Micro parts on Swiss style sliding headstock lathes.

In 2015, we purchased our first 3D printer, the Flashforge Creator Pro, and quickly realized the lack of performance parts in the consumer 3D printing space. Shortly afterward, we developed and released our first drop-in all-metal hotend upgrade for this printer. This hotend transformed our Flashforge Creator Pro and ignited our passion for developing and manufacturing 3D printer upgrades.

Co-founder Vitaliy next to our first Swiss style sliding headstock lathe

Refocus and Growth

By 2016, Microswiss was deeply committed to developing, testing, and manufacturing 3D printer upgrades in-house. Our core business centered on producing high quality plated nozzles and all metal hotends for many of the 3D printers available on the market at that time.

To sustain the growth, we moved to a 1,500 sq ft shop, invested in additional machinery, and expanded our team. We continued growing, by focusing on developing drop-in upgrades as new printer manufacturers joined the market. In less than two years, we had outgrown our facility and moved to a bigger, 4,000 sq ft shop. 

Moving to our new facility

Direct Drive Era

In 2019, we started developing our first direct drive extrusion system, while keeping the same drop-in philosophy. To accommodate the additional machinery needed for making extruders, we moved once more. We are now located in a 22,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Ramsey, Minnesota, USA.

Microswiss team presenting our first Direct Drive system at ERRF2019

Looking Ahead

As our journey continues, we are rebranding our decade-old logo to better reflect our company's past, current and future endeavors. Over the next few weeks, we will update our website, packaging, and marketing materials. You may still receive products in the old packaging as we gradually phase it out.

Our current and main goal is to continue providing the 3D printing community with high quality, Made in USA upgrades, and collaborate with great companies in the 3D printing sphere. 

During the 10 years in this industry, we witnessed a tremendous amount of advancement and changes. Looking ahead, we are getting our feet wet in nano technologies -hint hint...

Microswiss new logo

Celebrate with us 

Thank you for your support and being a part of our journey.

Celebrate with us, by taking advantage of 20% off storewide, for the rest of the week.

Use code: 10YEARS

Microswiss Team