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About us

We are a team of 3 brothers who came together from manufacturing and engineering industry, and started our own developing and manufacturing plant in Midwest North America. There is something quite fascinating about creating things from drawing board to finished working product. All of us got inspired in 3D printing back when this technology was hardly available. As we got more into this trending technology of 3D printing, we realized there is so much left to improve and develop, that we couldn't resist not to get involved. 

Here at Micro Swiss we run production line of high quality brass TwinClad XT plated and A2 Hardened steel nozzles for almost all main stream 3D printers on the market. Also we developed our own All Metal Hotend conversion kit for MK10 extruders. This product was a great success, giving users ability to print at much higher temperature than ever possible on PTFE lined hotend. Great thing about this Conversion Kit is that it requires absolutely zero modification to your 3D printer. It's a drop in replacement for all MK10 extruders.

At Micro Swiss our goal is to make this technology available to as many 3D printing users as possible. We set up a network of re-sellers all over the world to carry wide range of our products. Also we run our own online store that is able to ship World Wide with USPS, DHL, FedEx and UPS.


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