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FREE, FAST Shipping on all U.S. orders!
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About us

Micro Swiss was founded in 2014 to provide the 3D printing community with innovative and highly engineered aftermarket products and upgrades. Our bread and butter started out with brass plated nozzles. However, after growing our team and engineering expertise, we started developing all metal hotends and extruders. Right now we have a wide breadth of product offerings including; brass plated nozzles, A2 hardened tool steel plated nozzles, M2 hardened high speed steel nozzles, drop in all metal hotend kits, heat breaks, extruders and many more. All our products are developed, designed and manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Most of our decisions at Micro Swiss are based on 3 basic principles:

1. Product Quality
Since all of us come from engineering and manufacturing backgrounds, we truly love creating products that really work. We believe that keeping high quality standard makes the key difference

2. Keeping all the manufacturing in house
We have a 20,000 sq feet manufacturing facility in Minnesota USA. By keeping the manufacturing in house, gives us full control of the quality and reliability of our products. Lets face it, manufacturing in the US has been lost for a long time. Our goal is to do our part in bringing it back.

3. Providing very responsive customer service
We all know terrible customer service that goes on these days, especially in our industry. Our goal is to provide all our customers with the help they deserve. If you need help installing our products we will be there ready to help until you have figured out the issue.