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Micro Swiss Bowden Dual Gear Extruder

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Original price $ 47.50
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SKU M2714

Micro Swiss Bowden Dual Gear Extruder

Micro Swiss Bowden Dual Gear Extruder features the same quality construction as our Direct Drive extruders. It is designed to be a bolt-on replacement to most of the Bowden extruder machines on the market.


  • Dual-drive train
  • Hardened tool steel, CNC precision cut gears
  • Adjustable filament grip
  • Easy filament loading
  • Outstanding extrusion control
  • E-steps value: 130


CNC Machined and Assembled in USA

  • Bowden extruder machines
  • Ender 3, 5, 6, CR10, CR-10s Pro, CR-10S, CR6-SE, Tornado
  • Fits NEMA 17 size stepper motors

Printable Filament Runout Sensor Bracket Download Links:

 What's in the box
  • 1x - Reverse polarity cable
  • 3x - M3 x 8mm Motor Mounting Screws
  • 1x - Capricorn Liner
  • 1x - Spring Pin
  • 1x - Spring
  • 1x - Knob
  • 1x - Main Extruder body
  • 1x - E-Clip Retaining Ring
  • 1x - Motor Gear
  • 1x - Extruder Lever with gear
  • 1x - Printed Extruder Knob
  • 2x - Brass compression sleeve
  • 1x -1.5mm Allen wrench
  • 1x - Shoulder Pin
  • 1x - Compression nut

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Patrick Hicks

Micro Swiss Bowden Dual Gear Extruder

Dale H
ender 3 V2 neo

Works much better than the stock extruder on my ender 3 V2 neo and quiet. super easy install and high quality. I going to check the rest of the items Micro Swiss has that works on my CE3V2NEO well worth the money.


Installed on my Flyingbear P905 with ease. I had already upgraded the extruder to a knock-off Bulldog with a hardened steel wheel and a high-torque motor. It worked fair with PLA, PC, ABC/PC and carbon fiber PC. Then I needed to run some TPU---Cheetah 95A. That was a hard no! Birdcaged in a heart-beat.
The Micro Swiss pushes TPU hard and straight!
Install was simple. The drive direction was already fine so the cable wasn't needed. The entry Bowden is secured with an E-Clip so it's easy to pop-out and put the line in from my dry-box.

Richard Mikulec
Anycubic i3 Mega S

The extruder is a huge improvement over the original. Direct plugin, did not need to use the servo reverse cable

compression sleeve

i coudnt get the compression sleeve onto a capricorn tube. seems to small. so i put a thread into the nut and screwed a coupler into the nut. now i can finally use the thing. this is not what i accept from a compagny like micro swiss. i already have an ender 3 full of micro swiss and they work flawless. hope they do a better quality control on those sleeves. it works great btw for the rest.