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Micro Swiss NG™ REVO Direct Drive Extruder for Creality Ender 5 / 5 Pro / 5 Plus

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$ 149.99
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SKU M3302

Micro Swiss NG™ REVO Direct Drive Extruder

Micro Swiss NG REVO Extruder is the result of a collaboration between two leading 3D printing companies - Micro Swiss and E3D. This high-quality extruder is designed with both reliability and efficiency in mind, combining the best of both E3D and Micro Swiss technology.

This extruder allows for seamless integration of RapidChange Revo technology with Micro Swiss NG™ extruder line. It is a true drop-in replacement for the Creality Ender 5 / 5 Pro / 5 Plus printers (please see fitment tab for details). This kit includes everything needed to upgrade your printer to a lightweight direct drive system with Revo hotend.


  • Lightweight
  • 3:1 Gear ratio
  • Adaptable to wide range of 3D Printers
  • Hardened steel, precision cut Dual Gear drive
  • Bevel Gear system allows a low overhang extruder mount
  • Seamless integrated with E3D Revo Hotend
  • Fast and Easy nozzle swaps

Made in USA by Micro Swiss

  • Ender 5
  • Ender 5 Plus
  • Ender 5 Pro
What's in the box
  • 1x Master Extruder Assembly 
  • 1x Adaptation plate
  • 1x LDO Stepper motor
  • 1x Fan Shroud
  • 1x Custom extension cable
  • 3x Printed Brackets
  • 1x Revo Hotend assembly
    • 1x Revo HeaterCore 24V
    • 1x Revo HeaterCore Spring
    • 1x 0.40mm Brass Revo Nozzle


  • 1x Eccentric nut
  • 1x M5 x .8 x 30mm CAP SCREW
  • 1x 5mm ID 10mm OD Washer
  • 1x M5 x .8 Nylon Lock Nut
  • 2x M5 x .8 x 20mm Nylon Patch CAP SCREWs
  • 4x M2.2 x 8mm Thread Forming Screw for Plastic
  • 4x M3 x 12mm Thread Forming Screw for Plastic
  • 5x Zip Ties
  • 4x butt splice connectors

Installation Instructions - PDF

Video Guides:
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Albert Pierce
The cats' meow!

The combination of the NG extruder with the Revo hot end is perfect. Now my Ender 5 can print TPU twice as fast, maybe more, I'm still testing. And if I want to print abrasives it's a 5 minute nozzle change ( once I get the ObXidian nozzles ).
It would be nice if MicroSwiss carried the Revo nozzles, one stop shopping and all.

Ben Horne
Great -One minor complaint

The end result is great so far! Loving the print quality so far and easily swapping nozzles with the Revo system.

I took off the one star because the Revo system is just not all the way there. The connectors provided that you’re supposed to cut the original thermistor and heater wires and use are not ideal. Especially considering E3D sells extensions for the Revo system. It would be so easy to get those extensions, add the correct JST-SM connectors and then put that in this kit. (This is in reference to N Ender5/5+)

That is exactly what I did, ordered an extension set from E3D and kit with the connectors on Amazon and made custom cables. Hacking the wires together just makes the kit feel cheap and not quite put together.

Once you get it to work, its a fantastic upgrade

Put on an Ender 3v2. One issue I had was that when homing the X axis, the back screw would get stuck on hardware before it hit the switch. I ended up just grinding it down with a dremel to clear the piece and that works just fine. Another issue I had was, as someone mentioned before, the splice connectors are finicky and didn't pierce the wiring enough so I had to resolve that before I could get it working properly. Once everything was working though, its been a fantastic upgrade!

Make sure to print off the BL touch mount before you start replacing parts if you only have one printer.

Need CR or BL touch mounts Molex would be Great for the price!

Need CR or BL touch mounts Molex would be Great for the price!
I have to figure a way to mount my CR Touch! EERRRRRRGGGGG!
I had to make the other femal molex they could have sent it along with it.

Joseph Heimiller
Working Great

I'm currently printing PETG and it's working much, much better than the Creality Sprite hot end I had previously. I'm sure I could print more demanding materials on this, but the PETG is coming out like butter. I did not use the included splice connectors, but used 'Solder Seal Connectors' that just require a heat gun (no soldering iron). I spliced the thermistor connector directly because that seems to cause problems if you have even a slightly loose connection. I did have to redesign their included 3D-printed BLTouch adapter, though, as it was not going down far enough and also the x-stop mount as it needed to go a full 10mm more to the left to avoid the Z-axis rods. The only problem now is getting the right Klipper settings (I have it kludged to 200% extrusion) - I'm looking for this on the MicroSwiss site and not finding it...
I used this video guide for installation on an Ender 5 (Plus version, but works for all Ender 5s):