Replacement Thermal Break for Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend Kit for CR-10 / Ender Printers

$ 16.00
SKU Part Number: M2593

This is a replacement Grade 5 Titanium heat break for Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend Kit for CR10 Printers. 

  • Micro Swiss hotend for CR-10 / Ender Kit
  • Micro Swiss hotend for CR-10s Pro Kit

Customer Reviews

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Good thermal break, but the included wrench is useless

Very good quality thermal break. But as mentioned by other users, it's impossible to take off with the included wrench because that wrench is made of a very cheap stamped soft Chinesium alloy. The wrench rounded out the first time I tried to unscrew the thermal break. And because of the design of the break, no standard wrench fits there, you need a very thin wrench. Micro Swiss should either include a better quality wrench with their kit or redesign their thermal break.

Zack Polanski
Great heartbreak, but impossible to get off with the included wrench

The heat break is amazing, and I've never had any issues with it, until I had to take it off. The included wrench is terrible, and rounded before I could get it off. Because the only area you can get a wrench on is so small, I had to buy a separate wrench just to get it off. This is a pretty big issue, and you guys should really fix this by either including a better wrench, or making it easier to get a normal wrench on there.

Precise Machine Work, but the included wrench is worthless

This is a great heat break, but the included cheap, stamped Chinesium wrench blows. You're going to round it out far before this thing even thinks about breaking loose after it's heat cycled with the aluminum block a couple dozen times.

The round end prevents most 7mm wrenches (especially good ones) from getting to the flats. Luckily, the perfect fit is as close as your nearest Lowes.

The Kobalt 7mm 12-Point Metric Standard Combination Wrench is thin enough to get you where you need to be. At about $5, it's barely more than the shipping for a replacement heat break after you *think* you can use Vice-Grips on it. (Pro-Tip: You can't, so don't.)

Couple this with a proper 20mm wrench (NEVER use adjustable wrenches on stuff like this) and you're removing it pretty easily.

Lowes Item #337657 Model #85632

sam smith

best heat brake i have ever used by far in fact the hole hot end is brilliant never head a problem with it and it gets used all day every day and never misses a beat, machining is of fantastic quality also

nickled and dimed x10

Bought the direct drive kit. Nozzle became fuzed to the hot end. Purchased replacement hot end, assuming this piece would be included. It's not.
My original is fused as well, can't get it off with vice grips and don't want to deform.
Every experience I've had with this company has been at just slighty unpleasant, but $16 for this piece is ridiculous.

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