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Micro Swiss NG™ Direct Drive Extruder Adaptation Plate for ExoSlide System

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SKU M2723

This is an adaptation plate to mount the Micro Swiss NG™ and NG™ REVO Direct Drive Extruder on ExoSlide System.

CNC Machined and Assembled in USA

  • Printers with ExoSlide System
What's in the box
  • 1x Main Extruder body
  • 2x M4 x .7 x 10mm ExoSlide mounting screws

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
EZABL Friendly

For those wondering how to make this work with the EZABL, you can get a replacement shroud with the ABL mount built in.

Where’s the provision for the BL/ CR touch for the ender 5 plus

The quality of the plate is great, the fitment with the exoslide is great. Where are the threaded holes for the BL/ CR touch? Why isn’t there an option for a plate with the provisions so that the BL/ CR touch can simply be used as when you buy the NG extruder and plate for a stock machine?! One would think it would be easy to transfer the stock hole layout from one bracket to the next and if you do not have a CR/ BL touch- just don’t use the holes. But for those that have it- the holes are ready and available as when you buy other ender 5 plus items…. I think this was a huge oversight when producing this plate, one that should be corrected from a company that makes such great quality items, that many enjoy.
I did attempt to contact MS customer care about the product/ issue and have yet to hear back or obtain any response.

Hello Jerry,
We couldn't add those same mounting holes and mount the BLTouch to the same location as on the other NG kits to the Exoslide bracket because it would interfere with the Exoslide system.
This is why Exoslide came up with their own way to mount BLTouch to NG Extruder. Here is their STL file for the BLTouch bracket:

Mark Fritz
Adapter Fits Perfectly!

Upgraded my Creality Ender 5Plus with Exoslide system earlier, now upgrading to NG Extruder. There wasn’t a store option for an NG kit to mount onto exoslide, but then customer service advised that both of the NG kits (regular or linear rail) can be easily adapted by using this Exoslide mount.

BTW, these adapter plates are available through either Exoslide store or the Micro Swiss store. The adapter fits perfectly. The only minor issue was having to slightly relocate BL Touch mount. There is an STL file for 3D printing a new BL Touch mount on the exoslide website (search for Exoslide Bracket-MicroSwiss NG, look at the bottom of the webpage under “documents” for the file “BL_Touch_MicroSwiss_NG.stl). This was perfect for mounting the BL Touch.

Ok but left solving other issues

I bought this for my ender 5 pro with exoslides and it resolves the issue with mounting to the exoslide, but in the design of this they removed the mount for the bl/cr touch so you have to modify, remove or other wise figure out a mount to work with the ng once in place.