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Micro Swiss Extension Cable for NG™ Direct Drive Extruders

Original price $ 4.50 - Original price $ 4.50
Original price
$ 4.50
$ 4.50 - $ 4.50
Current price $ 4.50
SKU M2721

This is a spare extension cable for Micro Swiss NG™ Direct Drive Extruder.

Replacement cable for following NG™ Direct Drive Extruder:

  • M3201
  • M3202
  • M3203
  • M3204
  • M3205
  • M3301
  • M3302
  • M3207
  • M3208
  • M3209

* Will not work with M3206 model. For M3206 model click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing products, amazing service!

So I finally bought my first MicroSwiss products and BOY! are they a game-changer! It works flawlessly and I had no issue installing my direct drive extruder head. When the cable got snatched and damaged somehow (not their fault, obviously) the customer services were quick to reply and help me investigate/solve the issue and sent me a replacement that has been working flawlessly ever since! 11/10 will recommend!

Jessy Lee

Micro Swiss Extension Cable for NG™ Direct Drive Extruders

Affordable, well-made, cheap insurance

The asking price for these cables, shipped, is very affordable and they work the first-time, every time.

So why did I order mine? I have a bad habit of doing on-the-fly adjustments while the printer's printing and damaged these cables in the process.Thankfully, these were in stock and shipped quickly.


Worked a like a treat, now if they would sell, or give us the STL. File for the shroud things would be awesome

NG+ Will Destroy CReality Main Board £120 Repair

Summary: This has destroyed two different printers main boards completely unusable again and cost £140 after shipping on each !! To repair.

Main Story:
We have two Ender 5+ printers that were working perfectly with Uprated Metal Extruders and Speedy Spider Hot Ends flawless and reliable. installed one of these onto e5+ and within an hour completely stopped extruding just get a tiny movement of the extruder gear and would only do this once then the motors would need to be turned off and back on to reset and the same exact thing happened small tiny movement of gear l, stripped down completely the NG+ and inspected under microscope to ensure nothing was jammed or effecting the feed tried again and nothing, to diagnose decided to put the 100% operational Stepper from my extruder back on using original Creality wiring ran an extrude command and same issue.

Swapped out the Upgraded Creality Board for the stock basic one sent extrude command and worked. I had a second unit and installed that on my second machine thinking it must have been a faulty unit and within the hour exactly !! The same issue occured we determined that the NG+ for some reason grenades the main board Extruder Stepper Driver so it can never extrude again and can't be repaired.

Had this been one occurrence then would have just chalked it up as a weird experience but to have exact same spec printer exact same spec Main Board and the same terrible NG+ Direct Destroy unit.

When we informed MicroSwiss of the first issue they blagged it and said it was a cable issue !! to avoid sending out a replacement direct drive , I knew whole unit was the issue waited three weeks for pointless exercise of pluggling new cable in which did absolutely nothing (It would be a hugely advanced cable to be able for it to repair the extruder driver) we reported back ti them that the exact situation happened yet again and MicroSwiss completely arrogant did nithing and to this day we have two destroyed printers that were fully functional prior to the NG+ DirectDestroy for the e5+ only thing we have received from them is Verbal Waffle and a Basic Extension cable that is all after us spending £100s on the useless DirectDestroys and now having to endure the downed time from printing and having to pay for two new boards totalling £280