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M2 Hardened High Speed Steel High Flow 1.75mm Nozzle

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Original price $ 21.99
$ 21.99
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Current price $ 21.99

The M2 nozzles are designed for high temperatures, abrasion resistance and with superior non-stick properties. Nozzles are machined from M2 high speed steel, hardened and tempered to 68 HRC, plated with Electroless Nickel Plating, and coated with WS2 coating.

The M2 nozzle can operate up to 450°C without losing the hardness.

M2 Hardened High Speed Steel:
68 HRC

Electroless Nickel

Plating Hardness:
70-73 HRC

WS2 coating

Coefficient of friction: 0.035

Orifice size available: .4mm, .6mm, .8mm, 1.0mm

Made in USA by Micro Swiss

Limited lifetime warranty against wear

  • Anycubic Kobra
  • Anycubic Kobra Max
  • Anycubic Kobra Plus
  • Anycubic Vyper
  • Artillery Genius Pro
  • Artillery Sidewinder X1
  • Artillery Sidewinder X2
  • E3D Volcano HotEnd 1.75mm Filament
  • FLSUN Super Racer
  • FLSUN V400
  • FOKOOS Odin-5 F3
  • Lulzbot TAZ MOARstruder
  • Tevo Little Monster
  • Threads: M6x1.0
  • Thread length: 16mm
  • Overall length: 21mm
  • Filament size: 1.75mm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
3rd layer issue

I have installed this on my Flsun super race I bought a .4 and a .6 every single time on exactly the 3rd layer the 3rd layer doesn’t stick the the first and second layer it only sticks to the nozzle.

So sorry to hear that you are having layer adhesion issues. With M2 steel, you need to set your nozzle temperature 5-10 degrees higher than you would with brass nozzles. Please try running your nozzle temperature a bit higher and that should help with layer adhesion.
If you still have issues, please contact our support team and they would love to help you out:

Misleading *Edit-excellent product and customer service

This is not a direct replacement for my printer

*Edit-customer service has addressed the issue and sent the correct part. Will review again when new items are received.
*Edit-correct part works great, 10/10 customer service for quick response and resolution

So sorry to hear that the nozzle did not fit your printer. Please let us know what printer make and model and we'll be happy to help you out.

Kevin O'Neal
Great nozzle at a great price

More reliable than my nozzle x and at a better price. One kg of carbon fiber polycarbonate and no wear, no clogs, and no issues. Micro Swiss is the best value available in my opinion. I have their nozzles on all 3 of my machines, love every one of them.

Richard Mozeleski

I had bought one of these before (.4mm) and it worked great, trying .6mm nuts now because of changes in prusa slicer. I think Arachne will make this a good move with this nozzle. FASTER PRINTS and detail with this over .4mm

dominic gagliardo
No problems

The only brand of nozzles I will use. Great quality, good time for shipping.