Plated A2 Hardened Tool Steel Nozzle RepRap - M6 Thread 3mm Filament

$ 19.75
SKU Part Number: M2568-04
Nozzle Size

This is RepRap style nozzle, it is made from a A2 Tool Steel and heat treated to 57-62 RC. If you are working with abrasive Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, wood filled or any other metal filled filaments, this will greatly improve the life of your nozzle.

Orifice size available: .4mm, .6mm, .8mm

Made in USA by Micro Swiss

  • E3D Hotend, 3mm Filament
  • Olson Block
  • Ultimaker 2+
  • Lulzbot SL Toolhead
  • Taz Workhorse

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