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Micro Swiss nozzle for MK10 All Metal Hotend ONLY

Original price $ 14.99 - Original price $ 14.99
Original price $ 14.99
$ 14.99
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SKU Part Number: M2557-04

This is Micro Swiss MK10 All Metal Hotend ONLY style nozzle, it will ONLY fit our MK10 All Metal Hotend Kit. This nozzle has completely different internal dimensions to work with our Micro Swiss thermal barrier tube. It is made from a 360 brass base material and plated with TwinClad XT coating. TwinClad XT is a nickel composite coating designed for very low friction. It offers one of the lowest coefficient of friction, better than nickel with PTFE co-deposit. This coating is also very hard and abrasion resistant. If you are working with abrasive Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, wood filled or any other metal filled filaments, this will greatly improve the life of your nozzle.

Orifice size available: .2mm, .3mm, .4mm, .5mm, .6mm,.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm

Made in USA by Micro Swiss

  • Micro Swiss MK10 All Metal Hotend ONLY
Nozzle Size: .4mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ken Peterka

Micro Swiss nozzle for MK10 All Metal Hotend ONLY

Brian washington
Great product

Fast shipping wel made product.

Shell Shrader
Major love for Micro Swiss !

You really can't go wrong with ANY of their products. They are high quality out the door and if you ever have a problem, Micro Swiss is there to help you fix it!

Olivier Jusseaume

Micro Swiss nozzle for MK10 All Metal Hotend ONLY

Dennis P.
It really is worth it!

I have been running this 0.4mm nozzle on a Wanhao i3 for 2+ years and it has reliably extruded PLA, PETG, PC+, HIPS and ASA. I am surprised that there are not many more reviews- this thing is fantastic! I also had Genuine E3D brass nozzles on my bowden based machines, and with all the fussing those needed, this machine just squirts out plastic reliably. I ended up changing those nozzles to Micro-Swiss ones too.
I think what makes all the Micro-Swiss products so good is the plating and the cone shaped nozzle face. The plating truly is non-stick with molten and softened plastic. I also believe that the extra material in the nozzle, as compared to the v6/v6 ones increases the thermal mass and helps maintain a consistent extrusion. The heat stays in the nozzle and nozzle tip where its needed.
Ultimately what did this nozzle in was a Z endstop switch failure that caused the nozzle to drag on the build plate. It messed up the Buildtak pretty good and deformed the nozzle tip. The nozzle has seen its share of head crashes and 'forcefull leveling' but the precision of the bore was trashed after engraving the Bulidtak.
So yes, its worth the money to spend $20 on a nozzle considering that its reliable and long lasting as long as you don't abuse it. Buy the real deal, and you will be happy!
Tip: polish the tip with Flitz polish before you mount it. I converted all my other machines to Micro-Swiss nozzles and the final bright polish makes for better final finishes and ironed prints.