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Plated Wear Resistant HeatBreak - 1.75mm

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SKU M2571

This heat break is a direct replacement for use in E3D v6 1.75mm hot ends.

This tube made from stainless steel and plated with TwinClad XT coating. TwinClad XT is a very low friction Electroless Nickel composite coating, often used in injection molding because of it release properties. This high lubricity plating will prevent clogging in the critical zone of hotend, where filament liquidizes. It is also very hard and corrosion resistant. Great for high abrasion filaments like Carbon Fiber, Metal filled, Aluminates, etc.

Made in USA by Micro Swiss

  • E3D v6 1.75mm Direct and Bowden HotEnds
  • Thread size on heater block side : M6x1
  • Therad size on heatsink side: M7x1
  • Stepped inside bore to improve PLA printing.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    All Layered Up 3D
    Best extruder parts on the market

    Microswiss is my go to for all of my hotend items, their nozzles and heatbreaks are second to none in quality and durability

    Ian Case
    Great piece with zero issues

    I had purchased a Triangle Labs clone Volcano hot end that worked well enough, but I got a clog one day that I had to disassemble entirely to heat up and push out with a 2mm Allen key. I was worried that I scratched the bore, and decided to to 'upgrade' and buy the Micro Swiss plated heatbreak. It made a HUGE difference. No clogs, everything seems more consistent. I can really recommend this piece if you bought a clone hot end and want to make it as good or better than genuine E3D.

    Good fix for Prusa bug

    Prusa ships heat breaks with an oversized diameter (compared to standard E3D heat breaks) so they work better with the MMU but that causes heat creep issues that can cause issues with annealing filaments. So, I use these instead and I can print with any filament again.

    Cannot recommend for Prusa MMU

    If you have a Prusa without MMU it works as advertised. If you have an MMU it does not work. The ID is smaller than an E3D and it jams the filament when you try to load it the second time. I put this in about a month ago and it Jams almost every time. When I finally compared it to the E3D and tried to manually push a filament tip through it got jammed. E3D goes straight through. I think when it comes out into the PTFE it cools down to a bigger diameter and when it tries to go back in is when it jams. I have written to Micro-Swiss and waiting for an answer. I am in the process of getting another E3D to see if this fixes my jamming issue which I never had when I had it in originally

    Very Nice Heat Break

    Very nice heat break. Makes and a direct replacement for the MK3 E3D heat break. The original got ruined when the aluminum block stripped out the threads and damaged the threads of the E3D heat break. Upgraded to an E3D copper/plated block and this heat break. Also got the MS nozzle with the plating. Thought it would make a good combo.
    Now if I can only get the MMU to work.
    So far so good.