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CM2™ Nozzle Warranty

  1. Warranty Coverage: The CM2™ Nozzles comes with a warranty that covers wear related to its shape. However, this does not include blockages, jams, or wear to its non-stick coating.

  2. Conditions for Warranty: The warranty is valid only when used with commercially available filaments that have glass, carbon, or less abrasive fillers. It doesn't cover use with highly abrasive materials like Boron Carbide or Tungsten. The warranty also doesn't apply if the nozzle is heated beyond 450°C.

  3. Prohibited Cleaning Methods: Avoid cleaning the CM2™ nozzles with cold pulls or needles. Doing so can damage it and voids the warranty.

  4. Warranty Expiry: The warranty ends once the CM2™ nozzles are discontinued and no longer sold.

  5. Claiming the Warranty:

    • Step 1: Contact the seller with details of the issue and proof of purchase.
    • Step 2: Send the nozzle back to the provided address. Buyer is responsible for the costs of shipping.
    • Step 3: The seller will examine the nozzle to see if the warranty applies.
    • Step 4: If the nozzle is eligible, you'll get a replacement for free. If not, it will be returned to you. In some cases, a refund might be given instead.

Remember, the warranty only covers specific types of wear and has certain conditions and exclusions.