Main body for Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder for Linear Rail System

$ 25.50
SKU M2701
Main Body for Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder configured for Linear Rail System

CNC Machined and Assembled in USA
  • Printers with MGN12 Linear Rail with MGN12H Carriage Block
  • Only for printers with bottom belt mounting position
What's in the box
  • 1x Main Extruder body
  • 1x Linear Rail mounting bracket
  • 4x M3 x .5 x 8mm Linear Rail bracket mounting screws

Customer Reviews

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Frederic Poissant
Work Great

The product is really good, I hadn't seen that the product was not compatible with the front belt before. So, I converted my old microswiss to fit MGN12 rail.

Earl Engle
need to be 3dfuse rail kit compatible

maybe someone at mircoswiss get can the stl from 3dfused for their rail kit and dl the belt clamp stl and make the necessary adjustments to make this work(2 holes to drill) then i would give it 5 stars

Luke N
Pleased as ever

I received this product for free as disclaimer!

To start off words can not describe how happy I am to have microswiss's direct drive system fully working on linear rails!

I had tried my hands at converting my old plate to be linear rail compatible and compared to my results, I am definitely extremely impressed with the quality of the product! Furthermore, I have had no issues since installation, and my bed offsets became less pronounced as well, having full linear rail with Microswiss's direct drive has been nothing but positive, and the fact that you do not need to buy a completely new kit to achieve this is another positive. You may find it a tad bit tricky to install at first, but once its installed it's definitely a very high quality product. The reason for my 5-star review is due to the fact, I tried to make this myself, and the product I received greatly lived up to my expectations!

Be advised you will need to modify the endstop position, though I have posted a remix on thingiverse that will make it less frustrating.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the product, and would like to advice this will only work on top belted printers, and not on front belted printers like the Ender 5!

Customer Reviews

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