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Micro Swiss Bowden Dual Gear Extruder

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Original price $ 47.50
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SKU M2714

Micro Swiss Bowden Dual Gear Extruder

Micro Swiss Bowden Dual Gear Extruder features the same quality construction as our Direct Drive extruders. It is designed to be a bolt-on replacement to most of the Bowden extruder machines on the market.


  • Dual-drive train
  • Hardened tool steel, CNC precision cut gears
  • Adjustable filament grip
  • Easy filament loading
  • Outstanding extrusion control
  • E-steps value: 130


CNC Machined and Assembled in USA

  • Bowden extruder machines
  • Ender 3, 5, 6, CR10, CR-10s Pro, CR-10S, CR6-SE, Tornado
  • Fits NEMA 17 size stepper motors

Printable Filament Runout Sensor Bracket Download Links:

 What's in the box
  • 1x - Reverse polarity cable
  • 3x - M3 x 8mm Motor Mounting Screws
  • 1x - Capricorn Liner
  • 1x - Spring Pin
  • 1x - Spring
  • 1x - Knob
  • 1x - Main Extruder body
  • 1x - E-Clip Retaining Ring
  • 1x - Motor Gear
  • 1x - Extruder Lever with gear
  • 1x - Printed Extruder Knob
  • 2x - Brass compression sleeve
  • 1x -1.5mm Allen wrench
  • 1x - Shoulder Pin
  • 1x - Compression nut

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
compression sleeve

i coudnt get the compression sleeve onto a capricorn tube. seems to small. so i put a thread into the nut and screwed a coupler into the nut. now i can finally use the thing. this is not what i accept from a compagny like micro swiss. i already have an ender 3 full of micro swiss and they work flawless. hope they do a better quality control on those sleeves. it works great btw for the rest.

Robert Schmidt
Simple yet effective

I have multiple Anycubic printers that I was not happy with the stock extruder. Having purchased the Duel Gear Extruder I have had no issues with my printers since. In fact, they print better than they ever did.

Doug Oconnor
Extruder Upgrade Testing

This is the first dual gear that I have tested for my printers. In an effort to replace five of my Ender 3 printers I looked into using a dual gear bowden system.
The Micro Swiss came to my attention through several YouTube reviews, thank you Victor Bared, the tutorials and comments were very positive and so I have installed my first one. I was very impressed with the machining of the Extruder and the attention to details. The install went very well and the performance is top rate.
I did have an issue with the tightening of the Compression Sleeves on the Capricorn tube and had the tube pushed out several times during printing, ooops. It would be nice if a little more detailed instruction was given to the tightening procedure. In addition check and adjust the Extruder Stepper Motor Vref to ensure you have the proper drive current for this dual gear system YouTube has several good tutorials on this subject.
If you purchase one of these fine Extruders make sure to purchase a package of spare 4mm compression sleeves as they are a one time use item.
Over all this is a 5 star addition to my first printer and now lets print a while to see if this is the one for my other printers.

Jimmy Souillot
Great kit

I bought it to replace the extruder clamp from my CR6-SE and it works wonderfully, and even better than the original. I highly recommend it.

Lou Oliva

One of the best experiences I have when an Item does not work as intended and the company stood behind its name. I was asked to try a few things, all which made sense, and once those things didn't work I was sent a new extruder. Great experience and will look at Swiss Micro when purchasing items for my 3D printer before looking elsewhere.