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Replacement Thermal Break for Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend Kit for CR-10 / Ender Printers

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SKU Part Number: M2593

This is a replacement Grade 5 Titanium heat break for Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend Kit for CR10 Printers. 

  • Micro Swiss hotend for CR-10 / Ender Kit
  • Micro Swiss hotend for CR-10s Pro Kit
  • Micro Swiss hotend for CR-6 SE
  • Micro Swiss hotend for CR-6 MAX
  • Micro Swiss hotend for CR-10 Smart
  • Micro Swiss hotend for Ender 5 / 5 Pro / 5 Plus

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
David Betancourt
Nice heat break terrible wrench! Wrench solution in review!

Similar to other complaints I've also had issues with the wrench that micro Swiss includes to tighten the Heat break. The wrench is too weak and bends easily but I have found a better wrench. Search for Capri Tools 11850-0607 6 mm x 7 mm Super-Thin Open End Wrench, Metric on amazon. Much stronger and the perfect tool for tightening the heat break to the Heat block.

Great service and parts

Thank you for coming through and helping when needed!

Javeron 3D
fits and works well

works well with all the parts. sometimes with bad filament it has been hard to clean out sometimes but that is the filament fault for having a bad spot. neat how the thermal break apparently is able to be cool enough to not melt the bulge in the filament

Dittos regarding the wrench

I've been using Microswiss for at least 6 years now. I'm not sure why I'm sticking with them because thy require a lot of diligence to make sure the joints are tight all the time because they always loosen at some point. Then you go in to tighten things and, if you haven't lost it, you have to use that funky little skinny short handled cheap wrench. At least make a good wrench and put it up for sale. I'm sure you would sell a bunch of them. They are hard to manage and if you get a good purchase on the weird 2-faceted nut, they bend out of shape if you tweak it a little too hard and you have to put it in a vise to get the fit back.

Clint Vail
Very high quality

Perfect machine work from my favorite 3d printing company.