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FlowTech™ Hotend for Creality K1

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SKU M3101

The FlowTech™ Hotend is a new generation hotend line from Micro Swiss. Its unique design eliminates common hotend issues such as leaking nozzle seal and complex nozzle swaps.

Keeping with our philosophy, the FlowTech hotend is designed to be an easy drop-in upgrade for each 3D printer model. This edition is designed for Creality K1. Stock z-height, build volume and firmware remains unchanged.

  • Leak-Proof Nozzle:
    Tired of messy nozzle leaks that ruin your prints and waste filament? FlowTech Hotend combines nozzle and thermal break into one permanently sealed assembly that ensures a leak-proof hotend.

  • Cold Nozzle Change:
    Swapping out nozzles used to be a time-consuming and potentially hazardous task. With a FlowTech Hotend, nozzle changes are effortless, and there's no need for hot tightening, and you can do it with just one hand.

  • High-Flow Characteristics:
    Ceramic cylindrical heater and 28.6mm melt zone provides excellent volumetric flow rate.

  • All-Metal Design:
    Built to last! FlowTech hotend features an all-metal design that can handle most modern 3D printing filaments. The entire hotend is machined and assembled in-house, with quality control performed at multiple stages during the manufacturing process. At the end, each hotend undergoes a full thermal cycling test before it is packaged.

  • 300°C Max Temperature:
    This hotend is rated at 300°C temperature with a properly tuned NTC thermistor for each specific printer. This particular edition is perfectly tuned for Creality K1 so no firmware changes are needed.

Made in USA by Micro Swiss

  • Creality K1
What's in the box
  • 1x FlowTech™ Heater Core 
  • 1x Copper Thermal Adapter
  • 1x FlowTech™ Brass Plated 0.4mm Nozzle
  • 2x Titanium Mounting Screws
  • 1x Silicon Sock

Installation Instructions - PDF

Video Guides:

By Daniel at ModBot

By Chuck Hellebuyck at Filament Friday

Spare Nozzles

Brass Plated nozzles for FlowTech™ Hotend

Hardened CM2™ Nozzle for FlowTech™ Hotend

FlowTech™ DiamondBack Nozzles

Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
K1 Upgrade Issues

Bought this product, installed it fine, worked fine for 2 days now I'm getting nothing but error codes and cant use my printer!

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your FlowTech™ Hotend for Creality K1. Our team is here to help and we would recommend reaching out to our customer service for further assistance:
They will be more than happy to troubleshoot and resolve any issues you may be facing.

Christian Gaggiato
Estrusore fantastico

Montato e dopo una ventina di stampe, ancora perfetto, nasello a cui non si appiccica il materiale, quindi stampe sempre perfette e pulite!!

Barry W Pybas
K1 Max Hotend Upgrade

Am writing an overall review of both the MicroSwiss hotend and their customer support experience. The first hotend unit received was unable to heat and caused a repeatable error from my printer. I sent an email to their customer support group on Monday last, first thing in the morning. Within just a few hours, received a very pleasant response from Alex requesting additional information, which was supplied within an hour. Alex explained that they test every hotend prior to shipment, which was very impressive. I know from my own experience in business, that many products do fail early in their life despite pre-testing. Alex promptly shipped me a new hotend which came in just a few days. Installed it, worked properly, immediately. Outstanding communications, outstanding response, all very professional and very knowledgeable. My expectation is that MicroSwiss will continue to track the 3D print market, developing new quality products - keeping pace with the industry. I will continue to monitor their progress as my needs expand and expect to be a very happy customer throughout that time. My thanks to Alex for his handling of my request for service and support, Barry

Works like magic

So like many of you I ruined my hot end in a rotten cleaning. Being so angry I went so fast and ordered a new one from micro swiss. Blinded by anger I ordered the wrong model. But it took me 2 emails to correct the order with a very friendly and helpful customer support and another few days to get it blowing plastic again.
It works greatly and i had no problem with it what so ever
Thank you micro swiss

So far so good

So far had great luck with adding the flow tech to my k1 max. My nothing is you see so much about fast nozzle changes but can't find any info anywhere on exact step by step how to switch just the nozzle, every video, pdf or instructional is switching the full hot end not 1 thing on the nozzle change to actually show how fast and easy it is. While I'm sure I can figure it out would be nice to k ow I am doing it right per Micro Swiss otherwise working great printing as I write this up. Easy Install hardest part is pulling the 2 plugs behind the board but thats on Creality they glued them in which to me is odd