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FlowTech™ Hotend for Creality Ender 3 V3 SE

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SKU M3105

Upgrade your Ender 3 V3 SE printer with the FlowTech hotend kit and enjoy the convenience of cold nozzle changes, leak-proof nozzles, and a significant increase in flow rate.

This kit comes with a plug and play Heater Core and thermistor, fully compatible with Ender 3 V3 SE printer without any need for firmware adjustments!

Additionally, to accommodate the extended length of the FlowTech nozzles, we provide a CR touch spacer along with a modified part cooling fan duct.

Made in USA by Microswiss

  • Leak-Proof Nozzle:
    Tired of messy nozzle leaks that ruin your prints and waste filament? FlowTech Hotend combines nozzle and thermal break into one permanently sealed assembly that ensures a leak-proof hotend.

  • Cold Nozzle Change:
    Swapping out nozzles used to be a time-consuming and potentially hazardous task. With a FlowTech Hotend, nozzle changes are effortless, and there's no need for hot tightening, and you can do it with just one hand.

  • High-Flow Characteristics:
    Ceramic cylindrical heater and 28.6mm melt zone provides excellent volumetric flow rate.

  • All-Metal Design:
    Built to last! FlowTech hotend features an all-metal design that can handle most modern 3D printing filaments. The entire hotend is machined and assembled in-house, with quality control performed at multiple stages during the manufacturing process. At the end, each hotend undergoes a full thermal cycling test before it is packaged.

  • Creality Ender 3 V3 SE
What's in the box
  • 1x FlowTech™ Heater Core 
  • 1x Copper Thermal Adapter
  • 1x FlowTech™ Brass Plated 0.4mm Nozzle
  • 2x Titanium Mounting Screws
  • 2x M3 x 12mm Probe Spacer Screws
  • 1x Silicon Sock
  • 1x Probe Spacer
  • 1x Fan Duct

Installation Instructions - PDF

Video Guides:

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Spare Nozzles

Brass Plated nozzles for FlowTech™ Hotend

Hardened CM2™ Nozzle for FlowTech™ Hotend

FlowTech™ DiamondBack Nozzles

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Brandon
Pricey for a Budget Printer But Well Worth it

I purchased my Microswiss Flowtech SE version on a splurge spree for parts to upgrade the printer along with the Microswiss Heatsink for the SE. I found the install extremely easy. After running the first flow test I was amazed to be able to get close to 28mm/s3 on the new setup with Regular PLA. I have not experienced any clogs or jams while using it. Prints have very consistent extrusion and layer adhesion. When attending the RMRRF I picked up a few of the CM2 nozzles and another Flowtech kit for my older K1 MAX and installed a .6mm CM2 nozzle on that one. Was very pleased with the increased flow rate on that as well. After printing with the Flowtech on both machines now for almost 3 months I can honestly say. I NEED 7 more, I like them that much. 2 for K1's, 1 for Neptune 4, 1 for Neptune 4 Plus, 1 for CR10se, 1 for V3 (xz) and 1 for my V3 Plus. I just ordered the K1's kit yesterday. Would HIGHLY recommend these over the stock setup.

Kimmo Kinnunen
Pritty great hotend

Althou getting this work was little bit hassel cause i didn't seem to get copper thingi pushed as up as it should go. I finaly got this to work and printing quality is super nice. Less stringin, very smooth surface. After little bit rocky start i'm very pleased whit the product. Customer support was also fast and helpful.


Worked perfectly. Easy swap out .Definite upgrade from old hotend

A solid change.

I got the hot end and installed it with a few other changes to the e3v3se. Compared to the roll-your-own hotend upgrade process using other parts from creality and printed parts, this is an all-in-one kit with a couple of exceptions (at least in my situation).

The directions are clear, and well thought out and try to account for a known pathway.
In my situation, I had to make a major deviation to the directions and it was only because I had the extra part on hand that I could make this happen. I couldn't get the screws out of the heater block no matter what I tried.

during the installation, perhaps get a spare heat sink on hand so you can swap it over during the hotend install process. In my case, the heat sink was sacrificial and just made my evening faster.

you wont miss the old heat sink and hot end combination. Once it is installed, you will notice a difference. during my benchy test print to make sure it was working as planned, it made me impressed and happy that I have a K1 kit on its way for installation in a few days time.

Zach Weatherly
Very nice product

Very nice product, only complaint I have is that the copper insert that goes into the body of hot end, get clogged when you use the retract feature. Doesn’t happen every time but it does happen.. That could be a good design improvement going forward.. but I needed a .2 nozzle solution for my SE and you guys were the only one to offer. Print quality is very smooth and nice .