All Metal Hotend with SLOTTED Cooling Block for Zortrax M200, M300

$ 57.95
SKU Part Number: M2580-04

This is Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend kit for Zortrax M200, M300 printers.

This upgrade includes a modified thermal barrier tube and modified nozzle with modified cooling block. Thermal barrier tube is made from 2 different materials. The lower thermal break is made from stainless steel, the colder upper part is made from aluminum. Stainless steel was used for thermal break because it offers low thermal conductivity, and aluminum was used for the upper portion (cold end) because it has much better thermal conductivity, to carry away any heat from the filament into the cooling block. All metal hotend will let you print at much higher temperature than possible with original PTFE lined one. Another benefit of an all metal hotend design is more consistent melt chamber control. During slow extrusion rate, in PTFE lined hotend, transition zone from solid to molten plastic tends to creep upward creating more stringy prints. With all metal design a transition zone is always constant, being located right at the heat break. With fast extrusion rate, PTFE tube doesn't have enough thermal conductivity to properly melt all the plastic coming out. On original extruders that limitation happens around 60 mm/s, depending on nozzle size. All metal hotend solves this problem, plastic is surrounded by thermally conductive nozzle throughout its length.

CNC Machined and Assembled in USA

  • Zortrax M200
  • Zortrax M300
What's in the box
  • .4mm Brass Plated Wear Resistant Nozzle
  • Thermal Tube
  • Slotted Cooling Block
  • Custom screw
  • Allen Wrench

Installation Instructions - Video

Extra Nozzles
Extra Nozzle

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
No stringing with PETG

Wanna use external filament for Zortrax m200/300, MUST BUY!!
I suffered from a stringing problem when I printed models with PETG filament.
This Micro Swiss all metal hotend and cooling block solve stringing absolutely!
Even low price PETG filament such as RepRapper gets few stringing.
Here is my temperature settings;
Nozzle: 240
platform: 30

Hong Sung kyu
Holly great product


using ABS , please change temp 275 -> 230

Game changer for the M200!

Really unexpected exceptional results! I Ever used the original extruder with Z-ABS and Z-ULTRAT with very good results, , when i triednon original PLA, TPU and WOOD only troubles... 1 year of troubles when i found finally the Micro Swiss upgrade. Now All materials flow very well and no more motor click or clog.. else the Z-ABS and Z-ULTRAT prints are a lot better...and Yesterday, for the first time, i had a very very good Z-GLASS result for the first time over many Years.... A necessary upgrade! Thank you Micro Swiss

David Retske
Needed for a zortrax

I bought one for my m200 and everything prints without fail now. I want another for my m300, but they are out of stock.

Excellent upgrade for printing

I was having many issues printing reliably with the stock Zortrax M200 V1 extruder setup, especially with newer materials like PETG that the printer was not originally designed for. Even after using new nozzles, the PETG (Zortrax brand) would not flow well, eventually, jam and the extruder would strip the material. The stepper motor was also skipping a lot trying to extrude.
After replacing with the Micro Swiss Hot End, it prints so smooth and reliably. The stepper motor never skips, even when printing the raft (It used to skip when printing the first layers of the raft even with ABS).
Thank you for this excellent solution!

Customer Reviews

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