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FlowTech™ - DiamondBack Nozzles

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FlowTech™ DiamondBack Nozzle

The collaboration between Micro Swiss and DiamondBack introduces the most advanced nozzle to the FlowTech ecosystem. This nozzle features a proprietary Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) insert, developed after 40 years of diamond technology research, designed to tackle the most challenging printing applications.

High-Quality Construction: Equipped with a solid diamond tip, the nozzle offers unmatched durability and reduces clogging, enhancing layer adhesion and print precision.

Versatile Compatibility:
Print with any filament, from standard PLA to abrasive carbon-embedded filaments, without needing to switch nozzles.

Extended Lifespan: The diamond insert provides superior wear resistance and thermal conductivity, significantly increasing the nozzle's lifespan over traditional materials.

  • Copper Chromium Zirconium body
    • Plated with an Electroless Nickel Plating

  • Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) insert
    • Thermal Conductivity: 543W/m-K
    • Hardness: 49.8 GPA
    • Coefficient of Friction: 0.01 COF
  • Orifice size available: .25mm, .4mm, .6mm, .8mm, 1.0mm

Made in USA

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Flowtech diamondback nozzle

      Amazing, I was having many clogging issues until I installed this nozzle with the hot end. After 2 weeks of solid use I have not had any clogging at all. I Highly recommend this product


      I like the fine streaming when it is working. I don't like it when it starts clogging causing my very time-consuming print to fail. Not sure if it is the Flowtech hotend causing this, the nozzle or my flow rate settings, however, when it doesn't clog, it works flawlessly.

      Kenneth Wyvill
      So far no issues

      Diamondback 0.4mm print nozzle works great in concert with the Flowtech hotend for my Creality K1Max. So far I've put 80 hours on them and not one print failure. Kudos to you both for teaming up to give the best of both. Future purchases guaranteed! 5 stars.

      Max H.
      Have Been Waiting for THIS !

      When MicroSwiss announced the FlowTech hot end, I inquired if they would collaborate with Diamondback.
      Getting it on sale was just a bonus !
      Works like a dream !

      Timon Miller-Aichholz

      Product works as advertised!
      Very good, would recommend!