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Brass Plated Nozzle for FlowTech™ Hotend

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$ 16.50
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The FlowTech nozzle is designed to be a leak proof and offers an effortless and quick nozzle replacement process.

FlowTech design seamlessly integrates the thermal tube with the nozzle, effectively resolving the most prevalent challenges encountered with conventional hotends: nozzle leaks and nozzle replacement inconvenience. 


  • Cold Nozzle Change
  • Leak-proof design
  • HighFlow

Made in USA by Micro Swiss

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 26 reviews
      Scott Lerminiaux
      Happy camper

      Pretty straight forward piece of equ so I would be disappointed if there was something wrong with it but it's mint. Works great no issues. Used the slice settings for a 0.4mm nozzle and just changed the extrusion width to 0.3 👌🏻

      David Lissaman
      Works perfect

      Has not stopped working for 20 days. 8hrs a day no clogs
      Perfect nozzle


      Really has improved my printing on the Creality K1

      Bryce Spencer
      Excellent nozzle

      I had used the stock hotend and nozzle for my K1 and I had major leaks in my printer twice with it. I switched to MicroSwiss and it was so easy to print things out with and the nozzle is excellent. I’ve had great quality prints since I installed it and when I need to remove it, I can do so by hand when the machine is cool. If you are debating to switch to MicroSwiss, I would strongly recommend doing so! Your printer is an investment and MicroSwiss is the best way to protect that investment


      This is a great nozzle easy to swap out just grate for the K-1